How can I buy and sell assets using my Android device?

It goes like this:

  1. Tap the Exchange tab.
  2. Tap the … button (the asset filter) to view all assets.
  3. Select the desired base asset on the top bar to view all available pairs for trading.
  4. Select the desired pair for trade.
  5. Select the desired action: Sell or Buy.
  6. Enter the amount to trade.
  7. Tap the Checkout button. This button is enabled only if you have enough funds to complete the trade. For your information, the current balance for the corresponding asset appears in the header.
  8. Confirm the order.

Please review the following example demonstrates buying BTC after depositing EUR with your Android device.

  •  Select Exchange tab for trading;


  • Set BTC for base currency (tap on vertical 3 dots (...) to set the base currency);
  • Select the necessary pair for further operation and tap on the corresponding line (in our case BTC/EUR);


  • Enter the amount if you want to buy in the “buy” field
  • Tap “CHECKOUT” to complete the operation


  • Confirm the operation

mark.pngButton “CHECKOUT” becomes active after you enter the amount

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