How do I deposit fiat currency on Android?

You deposit any funds from the Trading Wallet screen of the application. Please note that you need to pass KYC for depositing and trading operations within Lykke Wallet. CHF can be deposited using SWIFT. Two methods are available in the case of USD, GBP, or EUR: SWIFT and Credit Card.

If you want to send details of the SWIFT deposit to your email address, tap the Email button at the top of the screen.


  • Tap any of the (+) buttons to deposit CHF. Pass the KYC review if this is your first deposit of fiat currency. 
  • Enter the desired amount and tap Checkout.
  • Review the onscreen information (our bank account details for your transfer).




  •  Tap (+) next to USD, GBP, or EUR
  • Pass the KYC review if this is your first deposit. (Please note that you need to select either SWIFT or Credit Card to initiate KYC)
  • Tap on SWIFT
  • Enter the desired amount.
  • Review the onscreen information (our bank account details for your USD transfer).


2. Credit Card

To proceed with Credit Card payment, you may select either Credit Card option or More payment methods. The selection depends on the different payment providers we use. You complete the purchase of the voucher. The value of the voucher is credited to your Lykke Wallet.

  • Tap (+) next to USD, GBP, or EUR
  • Pass the KYC review if this is your first deposit (Please note that you need to select either SWIFT or Credit Card to initiate KYC).
  • Tap Credit Card or More payment methods
  • Fill in the form, and tap the Checkout button.
  • Confirm that you agree with details on the screen.
  • Enter PIN

You get redirected to the screen of the payment provider.

If you already have an account at, enter your credentials here. Otherwise, create a new account, and follow the onscreen instructions.

____.png We accept vouchers purchased only from Lykke Wallet application. No other deposits via credit card are accepted. 

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